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Meet Daniel Fish

LF4E Treasurer



I got my Bachelors of Administration with an emphasis in Accounting from Loma Linda University, La Sierra Campus.  I have been associated with LAA since 2012 as a constituent church member (East Salem Church) as well as a LAA parent, and school board member. 


LAA and Christian education are important I have two daughters attending Livingstone Adventist Academy, I'm a constituent church member and I want to support our church's ministry there.  I believe it is vital that our students' education be built on the Rock, Jesus Christ so they know they are sons and daughters of God with immeasurable worth and all creation is the hand work of a loving, living God hedged by His law of love. 


I recommend you join LF4E because I believe it is prudent for the financial stability and strength of Livingstone and it is vital for the school to have an endowment that provides assistance to students who might not have the ability to attend because of the high cost of private Christian education.  If the endowment continues to grow, Livingstone's board will be freed up to focus on the running of the school and improving its educational excellence.   


Favorite Ice Cream:   

Favorite School Subject:  Typing

Favorite Pastime:  Spending time with my daughters before they graduate from high school and leave home for college.

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