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Meet Udene Allen

LF4E Vice-President



The majority of my working life I worked in the legal field, the last 20 years of which was with the Oregon Department of Justice.  I have been associated with LAA for many years as a constituent church member (East Salem Church).  My daughter, stepson and grandson all graduated from LAA.  My granddaughter is currently attending.


LAA and Christian education are of the highest importance to me as they present the gospel to youth in the formative years, allowing them to make informed decisions affecting their eternity.  I recommend you join LF4E as I believe it to be one of the best investments that can be made, not only now but for eternity.


Favorite Ice Cream:  too many to select one

Favorite School Subject:  English I suppose.  I was secretary for the head of the English dept. at Walla Walla University

Favorite Pastime:  Landscaping, reading, entertaining, sewing

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